COC Buyer's FAQ

Please don't contact supercell official in any case! Please contact sellers on our site.

1. How to Protect it after buy an account?

1.1  Google play account

You can change password and bind phone number of Gmail. And you can also bind a new supercell id.

1.2  Supercell id account

1. You can change password and bind phone number of email. 

2. The most effective way:You can change supercell ID directly in-game and contact the seller to change the bundle phone number (if there is one),  see the video for details.

1.3  Note:

In new google security,first you go to and add your number in recovery number section. And after that you need to wait full 1 week and sometime 10 days and after that change other gmail setting and password.

2.How to login to game?

2.1 When game history is based on Google play account(supercell ID:Disconnected).

[Android Phone]
Just enter the game via Google Play
1. Enter the game through Google Play via Android device or Emulator, then register your private Supercell ID (Skip this step if you already got the Supercell ID)
2. Bind the account with your Supercell ID
3. Use your Supercell ID to log in the game on your IOS device
2.2 When game history is based on Supercell ID(supercell ID:Connected)

1. Use email account, password and 8-digit backup code(If there are) to access in the email

2. Login to COC with supercell ID and choose to receive 6-digit verification code

3. Wait for the verification code to be sent to emailbox and use the code to enter the game

3. Some important tips on avoiding getting banned !!!

1. Account's sharing: If you login to the game from two different locations in a short time (less than 24hours) there is a possibility of supercell banning you

2. If Supercell finds out you have bought an account, it will ban you. Therefor; don't ever mention buying and selling accounts on your clan. Even if your friend asked if you have bought the account, don't answer them.

3. Don’t ever message supercell support, they’d besuspicious of your activity and they will lock your account.

4. Don't ever insult supercell or other players because if a player reports you, you might get banned.

5. Never try to recover another account through the account you have bought to avoid misunderstanding with supercell.

6. Also try change name and top up in game after 1 week.


4.1 Google Play Login:

4.2 Super cell ID Login:

4.3 Connect Supercell ID with your google account:

4.4 How to change Gmail password:

4.5 How to login Gmail with recovery email:

4.6 How to change Supercell ID directly in-game:

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